Let's Make A Deal 2022- Gym A- NGA

Jan 07, 2022 - Jan 09, 2022

Hosted By: Sterling Academy of Gymnastics

Facility: Game On Fitchburg

Located: Fitchburg, MA

Mens and Womens USAG and NGA gymnastics invitational in Region 6

Ready to play Let's Make a Deal? During each session, we will be playing the old TV favorite game show. Gymnasts should fill their gym bags with a variety of items that the game show host might ask for. During each event rotation, the game show host will ask the athletes to show a random item (i.e. socks, hair spray, coin, purple furby, snow ball, etc.). The first gymnast to produce the item will be presented with a prize they may choose to keep or trade for a mysterious prize hidden behind curtain #1, curtain #2, or curtain #3.

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